The scientific journal “Systemic research in energy” was founded by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and of General Energy Institute of NAS of Ukraine in 2022 on the basis of the scientific collection "Problems of General Energy", which was published by General Energy Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine from 1999 to June 2022. eye to June 2022

On the journal pages, scientific-analytical and scientific research articles by Ukrainian and foreign specialists are published free of charge based on the results of the conducted research, directly aimed at solving fundamental problems and solving applied problems of the development and functioning of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine and other countries of the world under the following headings:

  • Energy technologies, energy systems and complexes;

  • Modeling, optimization and forecasting in energy;

  • Information and measurement technologies, monitoring and diagnostics in energy;

  • Environmental, economic and legal research in energy, energy management

The editorial board of the journal "Systemic Research in Energy" is guided in its work by the international ethical rules of scientific publications and adheres to the policy of open access.

The scientific collection is published 4 times a year.

Articles are published in Ukrainian and English.

Certificate of state registration of printed media: series KV No. 3623 dated 12.01.1999

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Advising on publicising of articles please contact the editorial board of the publication at the address: General Energy Institute of NAS of Ukraine

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(responsible secretary Sokolovska N.I.);

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