The Institute is included in the Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Energy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The major task of the Institute is qualitatively and operatively solving key problems of development and functioning of national energy in the context of Ukraine's integration into the world energy market and increasing energy and economic security.

Updated main areas of scientific research of the Institute, approved by the Presidium of NAS of Ukraine from February 23, 2022 № 74, comply to the national interests of Ukraine, contribute to improving its energy and economic security, qualitative and operational solution of key problems of functioning and sustainable development of national energy in conditions of transition economy, Ukrainian integration to the world energy markets and a number of other important problems of state significance.

The Information of General Energy Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on scientific works of departmental issues, the implementation of which was completed in 2021


Scientific research at the Institute are performed in the areas approved by the Resolution of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine dated 23.02.2022 № 74 "On approval of adjusted main areas of scientific research of the General Energy Institute of the NAS of Ukraine"

System analysis and forecasting of energy development and energy consumption

Transformation of the structure of the fuel and energy complex; energy, environmental and economic efficiency of its facilities and systems

Monitoring and diagnostics of the technical condition and   environment of systems and facilities of energy


Vitalii Pavlovych Babak
Vitalii Pavlovych Babak acting Director of the
тел. +38044 294-67-28
Mykhailo Mykolaiovych Kulyk
Mykhailo Mykolaiovych KulykПочесний директор Інституту
тел. +38044 294-67-40
Artur Oleksandrovych Zaporozhets
Artur Oleksandrovych ZaporozhetsDeputy director of the Institute for scientific and organizational
tel. +38044 294-67-22
Ihor Viktorovych Didenko
Ihor Viktorovych Didenko Deputy Director of the Institute for general
тел. +38044 294-67-10
Iryna Cheslavivna Leshchenko
Iryna Cheslavivna LeshchenkoScientific Secretary of the
тел. +38044 294-67-03


General Energy Institute of NAS of Ukraine
172, Antonovycha St., Kyiv, 03150, Ukraine

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